Elzelinde van Doleweerd

Vision & Identity

Photo: Bart van Overbeeke

Hi, I'm Elzelinde

Final bachelor Industrial Design student at Eindhoven University of Technology.
In this portfolio, you can have a look at my development as designer through courses and projects during my bachelor.


As a designer I am good at form-giving, I prefer to finish my work with a certain perfection. For me the design process starts with creating, exploring different material properties and getting ideas and feedback by reflecting on my iterations. Just like that, when preparing food in the kitchen I am able to express my creativity by experimenting with flavors and plating food on a beautiful way. Having dinner has always been an important social activity for me, a moment of rest, while enjoying good food and having nice conversations.

My passion for cooking lead me to develop my focus on food design. I like to see food as a material to explore with. During my B3.1 I followed the minor Food Technology at the WUR, to learn more about the material properties of food, but also about the current societal food challenges and the way food is produced. After moving back to Eindhoven I started working in a restaurant, to develop my skills in the kitchen. These two activities provided me with the unique skills to start a food design project myself.

I prefer to gain more experience in food design projects, eventually in a team. I always have lots of ideas, which I would like to share with my teammates, to inspire them and to discuss the best ideas to go on. I want to arrange everything in detail and I feel very responsible about the final result. When people are enthusiastic about the work I present, they motivate me to continue and to put even more effort in the final work I deliver.


Sustainability is an important aspect in my design process. I like to reuse or adjust materials, to give them new value and to make them interesting (again) for the user. Also, I enjoy to observe people, to discover how they follow their own patterns in the way they behave. As a designer I would like to be able to influence these patterns, to make people aware of their behaviour, in a way that they are willing to change, to change what they eat or to make more sustainable decisions.

With my focus on food, I love to explore new production technologies, creating beautiful tasty dishes or new food products, but food design becomes even more interesting if it can mean something for our society. Looking at the growing population, more food is needed in the future, but on the other hand, one third of the food produced is wasted nowadays. Another challenge is to look at the type of food we actually produce and consume. Do people know what they actually eat or what they personally need to stay healthy? I want explore these, and other societal food challenges in my design projects.