Hi, I am Elzelinde.


In 2015 I started studying Industrial Design at the Technical University in Eindhoven. I have always loved being creative and discovering new materials, enjoyed practicing sports and staying in the kitchen.


These leisure activities are still interesting me now I am developing myself as a designer. On the moment I belief I am going towards the direction of food design. I love to express my creativity in the kitchen,  not only by combining flavours and preparing delicious dishes, but also in the way I present the food on plates. Having dinner is an important social moment for me, a break on the day when you listen to each other's stories and enjoy the food.




I like to make people aware of what they eat and to cook with natural ingredients.


Next to my food obsession, I like to think about sustainable solutions and to process them in my designs.


I enjoy designing with and for other people, to brainstorm together, to share my enthusiasm when having lots of ideas and to get motivated by testing prototypes with a certain target group.


In my vision and identity you can read a more extended story about me, furthermore you can see some of my work and if you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact me.



Photo: Vita Broeken


Elzelinde van Doleweerd Industrial Designer