Cycle Circuit





In modern day society, playing outside has become less and less attractive to children. They can have fun and social interaction through the screens of their smart-phones and tablets, but these activities are resulting in less movement. Kids have higher obese rates these days, and the lack of playing also results in lack of creativity.


When developing CycleCircuit, we focussed on combining the fun of games with the health benefits of exercising outdoors. We wanted to put this is an explorative setting to stimulate the creativity of children.  CycleCircuit is a device that challenges and motivates children of an age of 6 to 10 to cycle more. The device is their new bicycle bell as well.

To start the game, kids have to put the device on the bike, and start exploring their neighbourhood. They have to discover the challenges and they get points together with light and sound feedback, when they complete a challenge.


Next to that, there is an online platform connected to the device, both for parents and children. On the platform, parents can set boundaries, and other setting, children can compete against each other, or they can add their own creative challenges.


For more information about Cycle Circuit, you can have a look at the report.



Design Project 2015-2016


Co-Designers:     Vita Broeken, Jorrit van der Heide and Tyana Hendriksma




Elzelinde van Doleweerd Industrial Designer