In the first year of my study I have followed the course 'Basic Formgiving Skills'. During the course I learned about sketching; understanding how forms are build up; using different materials; form transitions; and using form transitions for a new design of a power socket.


I learned some basic sketching rules.  Now I can make my ideas more clear for myself and others by visualizing them on paper. When drawing my ideas I have a better idea of what is missing and I can already receive feedback on my ideas in this first stage.


Furthermore I enjoyed the way I learned to observe objects,  it is very important to look around, to observe your surroundings and to see how objects consist out of general forms.




From the material study we did I learned that different materials need different approaches. I love to gain more knowledge about materials and to be able to know which material is most appropriate to use for a certain prototype.


When formgiving my ideas, I learned    about clarity, definition and finish. It is important that your intentions and decisions are clear, that your design is well defined (when you look at the design you should be able to ‘read’ what the designer had in mind) and finishing is very important, e.g. good spray painted work looks much better.


On the moment I am following a sketching course, to make my ideas even more clear and my sketches more beautiful.


For more information about this course you can have a look in my pictorial.

Design course 'Basic Formgiving Skills' 2015-2016


Final grade: 8



Elzelinde van Doleweerd Industrial Designer