At home I have been stimulated to be creative. I have always been interested in getting to know different materials,  which I used for my own projects. Just like that, when staying in the kitchen I am able to express my creativity by trying new flavours and recipes.


Having dinner has always been an important social activity for me, a break on the day, while enjoying good food having nice conversations.


Furthermore, I am interested in sports, I always have been running and playing hockey. These leisure activities still inspire me now I am developing myself as a designer. They are the topics I like to use in my designs. My interests are growing towards food design, but I still want to continue developing my interests in making designs for sports and textiles.


I love to be inspired when visiting exhibitions, museums and reading books. I like to observe, not only objects, but also the people around me. To see how they behave and how they act.


In a team, it is important for me to truly work together, to motivate each other and to bring each other to higher levels. I can be very perfectionistic, I want to arrange things well and to deliver my work with a certain perfection.


Furthermore I can be very enthusiastic because of having lots of ideas and I am trying to transfer my enthusiasm to the people I work with. Same goes the other way around, people can motivate me, because they are enthusiastic, that is why I enjoy to design products for people which are valuable to them.



Photo: Tyana Hendriksma


Elzelinde van Doleweerd Industrial Designer