The SmartTap is designed for visually impaired swimmers. When these people are going to swim, they need two tappers (one on each side of the pool) to tap them on the head when they need to turn, because they are close to the edge of the swimming pool.


The SmartTap is designed to make the visually impaired swimmers more independent. It consist of a modular infrared module that detects the swimmer when he or she is approaching the edge of the pool. As reaction, the swimmer receives a bone conducted tone to notify him/her that the edge of the pool is approaching.

During the product, we tested different iterations with Paralympic visually impaired swimmer Liesette Bruinsma. Because of her enthusiasm, she really motivated me to design the product.


Libra was very interested in the outcomes and is currently developing a final product for the visually impaired swimmers in cooperation with TU/e and a production partner.


For more information, you can have a look in the pictorial.


Design Project 2016-2017


Client:                     Libra Revalidatie

Co-Designers:     Vita Broeken, Cas van Grunsven,

                                  Almar van der Stappen and Bas de Vreede




Elzelinde van Doleweerd Industrial Designer