The Lickenator




The Lickenator is an installlation designed for the STRP Biënnale. It is a part of the Sensory Gym.


Food designer Chloé Rutzerveld knew that I am interested in food design, therefore she asked if I wanted to cooperate in the project. I really enjoyed the journey we walked through together with Tim and the other students.


The Lickenator is a challenge in which two players can test how good they can taste different flavours and how skilled their are with their tongue. The two players are standing face to face towards each other, they both have to use their tongue strength to move a ‘lick marble’ across the track. They compete in time and tasting ability.

Each marble has different textures and flavours, you can earn time when you guess the right flavours and the dish they form together.


Together we designed the concept and the installation. Next to that, I was responsible for developing the different flavours in agar-agar. Most of the flavours are made with the natural ingredients. Furthermore I presented the installation on the STRP Biënnale, and I tried to motivate people to take up the challenge.


For more information about the STRP Biënnale, the Sensory Gym and the Lickenator, you can have a look at the event site.


Extracurricular project  for the STRP Biënnale 2017






Chloé Rutzerveld (food designer), Tim Scheffer (experience designer), Simon Bavinck (TU/e), Laila Snevele and Merle Bergers (Design Academy Eindhoven),



Elzelinde van Doleweerd Industrial Designer