People are used to following their own patterns in the way they behave, these patterns are difficult to erupt. What I think is important when looking at our society, is to pay attention to the way we behave. Why do you buy a trouser from a certain brand, why do you do your groceries always at the same store?


Observing is important, how are we going to solve the unfair food division in the world and what are we going to do with the food we belief is not eatable anymore, or with the clothes we do not like to wear nowadays, and so on.




I like to process this in my designs, to come up with sustainable solutions or with new possibilities against creating waste. Thinking about designing with product or materials which would otherwise have been thrown away. Not only for ourselves, for our own country, but also for other cultures, to complement the deficits from various sources.


Designers are able to create more connectedness in the world. To develop their innovative products successfully, designers should make people aware of the value of their designs, in a way that people are willing to change their patterns and think again about the way they behave.


Photo: Vita Broeken


Elzelinde van Doleweerd Industrial Designer